Bauman's Farm!

On Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 ASAP went on its first incentive field trip! ASAP gives students the opportunity to earn a spot on field trips. They do this by completing homework assignments. On Tuesdays and Thursdays students can earn one stamp each day for working on homework. Wednesdays is where it gets interesting! We call Wednesdays our multi-stamp days and students can earn up to five stamps these days. Each homework assignment is worth one stamp so they can add up quick!

At Bauman's Farm each student received an unlimited activity wristband allowing them to roam around and have fun! We did lots of activities from a spooky dark maze, jumping pillows, pedal carts, zip line swings, etc. The best activity by far was the bug train! You may be wondering what a bug train is... Well its an ATV, that pulls behind it several small trailers that look like bugs. So as the ATV drives the trailers follow kind of like a snake! The smiles from everyone on this ride were truly amazing!

Thank you to our generous donors, who make events like these possible and allow ASAP to keep the cost at zero!

ASAP Silverton

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