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Happy New Year!

ASAP is back after Christmas break, we are starting the new year off with Vision Boards! The kids are having fun creating them and we are enjoying watching the creativity happen! We are having another field trip at the end of the month, stay tuned for the information! The kids are updating their checkbook registers and should now have an idea of how much they need to earn to go on the next field trip. The kids will have a printout of their current earnings in general and for the field trip. Our ASAP cash program is meant to foster accountability and help the kids learn to manage a checkbook register, while also stressing the importance of completing their missed assignments and keeping their grades up! At the end of the year we will give the kids a shopping trip to spend their ASAP cash! We have curated an amazon shopping list that we are going to start advertising for donations to the shopping trip! If you would like a link to the list, please reach out and we will share it with you! It will also be posted publicly very soon! We just had a wonderful presentation by Dr. Carter from Legacy Silverton Family Medical Group about all things Medical - how to become a Dr., the type of schooling needed, and answered lots of questions from the kids! Holt Ag Solutions is coming in February with a Tractor and presentation for us! We will also have a Valentine's Day party! Thank you for sharing your kids with us!

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