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Spring Updates!

Hello ASAP Families!

Spring is just around the corner and it is starting to get brighter outside! YAY! With spring comes busy schedules, sports, and the desire to wrap up a long year! We at ASAP are continuing to go through the changes of a rebuilding year. Recently, our Outreach Director Crystal got her dream job as a music teacher for Silver Falls School District, and is moving into that position full time and leaving ASAP. W

e just found and hired a new Outreach Director that will begin on April 25th! We are excited to introduce her to you!

Some feedback we have gotten from kids is that they don’t have homework so they don’t like the power hour at the beginning. We want to make sure that kids that do have homework or need extra help get it, so we are doing a hybrid of homework time/hangout time. Kids that don’t have homework or don’t want to work on homework can hang out and visit quietly with their friends.

Other feedback we have heard from the kids is that they want to use their phones. We are following the same rules at ASAP that the Middle School has, so we are not allowing cell phones during ASAP time. Kids that need to communicate with parents are allowed to do so, but otherwise the phones are put away during program time.

We have heard kids say that they never get to go on field trips. We have struggled with how to make this fair, because we are limited with transportation and funds. We tried to create a system where kids could “earn” asap cash by doing homework. This was fair, but not sustainable because a lot of times kids didn’t have homework and didn’t want to do crossword puzzles or word searches to earn the dollar. We have decided to give each child a dollar just for coming to ASAP, and from now on, we will do a couple of walking field trips to the bowling alley each year so that all kids

can atte


We want the focus to be that it is a fun place to hang out with their friends, and we want to provide them with experiences that we can create by partnering with our community to teach the kids in a fun and interactive way, and we are working to create connections with our community to do that. They will still earn ASAP cash, and will be able to use it to purchase fun stuff at our end of the year party! We are including a link to the Amazon List we have created for people to purchase the goods for our store. If you would like to purchase an item off the list for our store, just click the link which will take you to the list, purchase it, and it will be sent to us directly!

In the midst of all this feedback we are receiving from students, we are also curious about your experience with ASAP as parents or guardians! We are including a link to a google form that we are hoping you will fill out, so that we can make ASAP better! We have been listening to the kids, asking questions about their experience, and are curious about what you have to say! This form can be filled out multiple times so we are encouraging all parents/

guardians to fill it out! Thank you!

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