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We are better together. Together ASAP's leadership board has over 150 combined years of working with youth as educators, volunteers, program directors, and more... Our board is made up of volunteers from around the community who care about the well-being of Silverton's youth.

The board currently meets the first Thursday of every month to discuss program needs and events. Interested in joining the board? Contact us!

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James Baker, Program Director

My vision for ASAP is to continue to grow and strive for excellence in everything that we do. I am thrilled to be a part of the

Silver Falls School District and the community of Silverton, OR 

Grace Allen, 

Board Chair

I am passionate about the mission of ASAP as a safe, engaging space for middle school students to work, eat and play together with friends and caring adults.  

Jim Brueckner,

Board Vice Chair

After teaching for 42 years in Silverton, I believe that middle school is the critical time in a student’s development. It is common for students at this age to struggle physically, with self-confidence, socially and academically. Students are searching to find their niche in life. ASAP provides a bridge to help in their development. 

Laura Beville,

Board Secretary

ASAP is so important to Silverton because it offers a safe space for youth to grow in academics, relationships with adults, and creativity!

Donna Eberle,

Chair of Fundraising

After retiring from the Silver Falls School District I had the time for volunteering.  I started out on a cooking team which I am still a part of. When I was asked to join the ASAP Board it was easy to say yes.  I believe in this program and want to help it continue to be a positive support for middle school students.

Brett Davisson,
SMS Principal

It is critical that all kids, especially those going through their middle school years, have a positive connection with peers and adults.  It is not uncommon for students to struggle both socially and academically without it.  ASAP has provided this positive connection for Silverton Middle School kids for years.  With a great staff of influential adults, combined with food, fun, and academic help, ASAP fills a much needed void.  As the program expands, so will the meaningful impact it has on our community. 


School Resource Officer

Wooden Surface

Linda Groah,
Meal Coordinator

Retired from teaching, I have volunteered as a cook for ASAP for the last 8 years.  It has been wonderful to see students mature during each year, and gain confidence.  Such a terrific program!


Manuel Borbon

ASAP is so important to our community in Silverton because it has created an intercultural, safe space where youth and volunteers can feel welcome, valued and invited into mentorship and mutual accompaniment. 


Karin Petit

ASAP is such an important organization in Silverton.   For middle school aged students, it is a time of transition and decisions made now, greatly affect their adult life.  That is why ASAP is so important.  Helping students with their schoolwork, giving them a healthy meal, and time for a fun activity are steps for each to do well in school and adulthood.  


Milt Kintzley

I first found out about ASAP through a friend. She knew I had been involved with programs that benefited kids, like the Elks Hoop Shoot and scholarship programs, as well as local baseball programs. I liked what ASAP had to offer and was at the  first ASAP get together at Mark Twain.  We served healthy snacks and fruit and played games on the stage. I have been part of the program ever since.


Lori Francis

I have been a special education teacher for the past 35 years, 15 of those years in the Silver Falls School District.  I have known many students who have benefited from this program over the years and I have great admiration for the program and the staff.  ASAP is a huge benefit for our community and I am thrilled to be a part of it!