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150+ years of


We are better together. Together ASAP's leadership board has over 150 combined years of working with youth as educators, volunteers, program directors, and more... Our board is made up of volunteers from around the community who care about the well-being of Silverton's youth. We are currently looking for people to serve on our board! If you feel that you would be a good fit please contact one of our board members below or our staff members!

The board currently meets the first Monday of every month to discuss program needs and events. Interested in joining the board? Contact us!

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Karin Petit, 
Board Chair

Karen Hatteberg
Board Vice Chair

Having been with ASAP from the very 1st day I have seen the value this program has had for so many of our middle schoolers. I’m looking forward to working with a very dedicated group of people on the board.

Courtney Goode,


Donna Eberle
Board Secretary

Open Position!
At Large

Brett Davisson,
SMS Principal

It is critical that all kids, especially those going through their middle school years, have a positive connection with peers and adults.  It is not uncommon for students to struggle both socially and academically without it.  ASAP has provided this positive connection for Silverton Middle School kids for years.  With a great staff of influential adults, combined with food, fun, and academic help, ASAP fills a much needed void.  As the program expands, so will the meaningful impact it has on our community. 

Sean Aljets
School Resource Officer

At Large

Manuel Borbon

ASAP is so important to our community in Silverton because it has created an intercultural, safe space where youth and volunteers can feel welcome, valued and invited into mentorship and mutual accompaniment. 

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