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Our Staff


Program Director

Tess Larson

The Program Director’s main responsibility is to develop a regular schedule of activities and provide oversite, management, and leadership for those activities. The Program Director is directly responsible for creating a positive, fun atmosphere for the students. We value collaboration, clear communication, creativity, flexibility, leadership, and patience at ASAP!

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Operations Director

Jill Lounsbury

The ASAP Operations director ensures that the ASAP program runs safely, maintaining policies, procedures, and stewardship of resources. The Operations director works with the Fundraising chair, the trustees, and the treasurer of the board to create fiscal responsibility within the program.


Outreach Director

Christina Lord

The ASAP Outreach director strengthens the relationship between ASAP and the community. The Outreach Director communicates the mission of ASAP and encourages participation in ASAP to the public (employees, volunteers, Silver Falls School District, parents, students, etc.). This can be done by organizing outreach campaigns (in person or via social media) and coordinating engagement events.


Dedicated to helping kids succeed!

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are amazing people from all over our community who are dedicated to helping our students succeed! The program is made possible with a team of over 60 volunteers to provide the best After-School Program in Silverton - you can volunteer with us too!

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