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Our Story: How ASAP Began

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Back in 2012...

In 2012, individuals saw a need to help

the youth in Silverton, Oregon. At that

time, the middle school students went

to Mark Twain and consisted of 7th and 8th graders.


The idea for ASAP was born when four local pastors of the following churches: Immanuel Lutheran, St. Paul's, United Methodist, and First Christian got together and decided there needed to be a program available for our youth from the time the bell rings until their family gets home. They envisioned a place where they could be safe, allowed to grow, able to socialize and to have fun. 

When ASAP started it was available to 7th and 8th graders every Tuesday and Thursday for the first few years. As the program continued to grow the schools in the community changed. The middle school had moved from Mark Twain to the old high school building and ASAP was able to expand as well. In the 2016-2017 school year, ASAP was able to include the 6th graders and added another day of programming on Wednesdays due to a generous grant from the Oregon Community Foundation.

We are currently located at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Silverton, who graciously shares their space with us every week! We have grown with the middle school, serving kids ages 6th through 8th grade! We are constantly learning from the kids, the school, and the community! Focusing on kids and providing them the best possible place to be safe, hang out with friends, receive support when needed, and learn to be in community with each other! ASAP wants to be there for our kids!

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